My preferred approach to counseling

can be described as Client Centered Talk Therapy

Whereby I strive to create a safe environment for the Client’s exploration of their own emotional, intellectual, relational needs and challenges. Whether motivated by personally initiated self- growth, or times of crisis, all clients are welcome (individuals, families, couples, ages six and up).

Sessions usually last about sixty minutes for adults and couples, and no more than fifty minutes when younger children are attending. According to a child’s developmental stage and needs, different forms of talk therapy are incorporated in weekly sessions (play, art, movement, etc.).


I see my professional role as supporting the client

in shaping their own focus of counseling

covering the topics from the client’s present and past, with a focus on developing personal and counseling goals for the client’s future. Self-awareness, insight, and personal growth are a place to begin exploring our relations with others and the world around us, whether in one’s personal or professional life.

Engaging in a counseling relationship requires courage, commitment, and dedication. I am honored to be a part of the client’s journey in creating meaning in what life throws at us. My counseling skills concentrate on dealing with transitions, trauma, loss, identity crisis, personal growth, and exploring new lifestyles, without shying away from unfamiliar challenges that clients may present.


I also bring cultural sensitivity and competence in honoring diversity to the table

Having been an immigrant in the United States myself, and obtaining my Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy with an Emphasis on School Counseling at San Francisco State University, California.

My personal experience as an immigrant, and professional experience as an expat in Central Asia, brought a new focus to my area of expertise as a counselor. Through awareness of and familiarity with transitions in expat life, career, and relationships that can bring both feelings of thrilling challenge, as well as loss, in my practice I aim at assisting expat clients who are having similar experiences and life circumstances.

I have worked with survivors of trauma, violent crimes, sexual and/or physical abuse, individuals overcoming substance abuse, and various forms of anxiety issues, regardless of their socio-economic status and age while living abroad.


Getting in contact with me

Together we can figure out if and how counseling could be beneficial for you.

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