About me

Jovana Radokanovic

After working with students and families within the San Francisco Unified School District, I have ventured out to the realm of private consultation and counseling. Most of my private practice has concentrated on the fluidity of the expat lifestyle and community, transitions in personal and professional life, alienation, various forms of grief and loss, and, as I label it, the growing pains of personal development in our transitional overseas communities.

For me, the ultimate goal of the counseling relationship is to equip the client with attitudes, tools, and skill sets they can move forward with, and refer to as an intimate base in their network of support.

My current place of residence is Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Previously, my counseling practice was focused on members of the expat communities based in Belgrade, Serbia, and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I am still working with some of those clients remotely.

My services are offered both in person and through various online platforms for individuals, couples, and families, under the strict veil of confidentiality, as well as that of mandatory reporting. My experience encompasses working with diplomats, trailing spouses, third culture children, and various international professionals working in the non-profit sector and education.


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